Re: Rentals and power
From: John Willson (
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 93 17:39 CDT
> We have several people in our group who could afford to buy more than
> one unit, renting the other out.  This has some obvious advantages - we
> sell more units, and people who we'd really like to have in the group
> but can't scrape together a down payment could live there.  On the other
> hand, I am very concerned about the effect on the community of having
> the power imbalance of a landlord-tennant relationship within the
> community.  I know that there are some communities that mix
> owners and renters, but are any of the rental units owned by other
> residents?  Have any other groups encountered this issue?

We are in the process of encountering the problem, we have one couple
with 2 units and one lady who does not intend to live at the site for
while.  Our solution is evolving however the intention will be to
have a 2 level management structure.

One level will be responsible for capital maintenance of the
development and its meetings will be open to all residents and
owners, however only only owners will have a vote.

The level will be responsible for the day to day running, its
meetings will be open to all residents and voting will be on an
individual basis, not an ownership basis.  Hopefully this will make
it more resident run.

We are also drawing up model rental agreements which owners will be
encouraged to use.

A assume there are other approaches, and I would like to hear of them.

John Willson
Cascade CoHousing                     EMail:  John.Willson [at]
Hobart                                Phone:  +61 02 33 3309
Tasmania,  Australia

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