Westchester CoHousing Intro Meeting
From: Robert Cooper (cooppanix.com)
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 93 10:03 CDT
(oops. Try number 2 :-( )

Hi folks,

For any mailing list members in the New York city region, I would like
to invite you to a

        Introductory Meeting for the Westchester CoHousing Group
        1PM, Sunday, Sept 12 @ 615 Broadway, Hastings, NY
        RSVP at 914 962-2620 Meeting will be 2 hours. $5 meeting
        fee. If you need childcare, call 914 962-2620 before 9/8.

We'll show you slides of CoHousing Communities in Europe and the US,
tell you about our experiences in working to build CoHousing in
Westchester, and give you a chance to meet people already involved.

Call the above number for more info/directions or just drop me a line.

Robert Cooper  Brooklyn, NY | "We don't know who discovered water, but
coop [at] panix.com              |  we're pretty sure it wasn't a fish..."
212 309-9600 (Work)         |           Attributed to Marshall McLuhan

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