Re: "Builder's of the dawn"
From: Alan Murray (
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 93 00:15 CDT
> I haven't begun to get to my mail yet - (well just one message) - but I'm
> curious about the book(?) Alan Murray mentioned - I know Peck's  _The Differe
> Drum_ , but  McLaughlin and Davidson's _Builders of the Dawn isn't familiar t
> me.  Could anyone tell me something about it?

Hi Judy,

Copyright 1985 by Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson.  ISBN 
0-940-267-01-2 Sirius Publishing.  It is an overview of community at the
time it was published.  They focus on some 15 different communities, 
comparing differences and similarities.  It is more on the logistics of
community life as opposed to pure theory as was Peck's book.

I don't know that Co-housing is specificly covered but they cover
land trusts and individualy owned homes.  


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