Urbanet --- Urban Planning Network
From: Fred H Olson -- WB0YQM (FRED%JWHvx.cis.umn.edu)
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 93 08:15 CDT
From: Tom [at] radio.wkar.msu.edu
Newsgroups: alt.planning.urban
Date: Mon Sep  6 15:36:50 1993
Introducing -----  Urbanet --- The Urban Planning Network
Urbanet is a listserver managed by graduate students in the Urban Planning 
Program at Michigan State University. 
Urbanet is being developed as an information liason between universities, 
governments, organizations, and individuals concerned about urban planning 
issues in the United States and abroad.
For further information and to subscribe send your e-mail request
with a short descripiton of your organization, school, or area interest to:
  22633urb [at] msu.edu or 22633urb@msu.bitnet
Please, do not respond to this listing or by reply(Unless you have a 
problem).  Otherwise, I may not see your request.
Tom Coleman, Listmanger for Urbanet 

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