Celebration of Intentional Community
From: Michael C. Murray (71543.3020CompuServe.COM)
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 93 21:19 CDT
scotk [at] world.std.com (scott kaufman) wrote:
>> Hello all.  Anyone go to the intentional community conference
>> sponsored by FIC that was held at the end of last month in 
>> Washington State?  If you did, please tell us about it...

Er, heh heh... interesting story there.  We _did_ attend the 
Celebration of Intentional Community in Olympia, but alas, only
for a few hours.  It was great -- we could/should have spent two
days there.

I've been a slow in posting our summary because we have alot of
really good summary information but little ancedotal stuff to pass
along as a consequence of having about three hours at the
Celebration (we detoured down to Olympia on our last day of
a trip out to Seattle).  I'll post what I have this week and pass
along some materials to Fred Olson and the rest of the Twin
Cities CoHousing Network gang for the newsletter afterwards.
Surely some of the Puget-area netters here can provide some
additional testimonial as well!

Apologies to the anxious... it's a comin'.

Michael Murray

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