Re: Rocky Mountain Conference on CoHousing
From: Trey Wedge (
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 93 13:18 CDT
> I've just joined this forum - have just returned from the conference in 
> Olympia and visits to several of the Cohousing communities in the Seattle 
> area.  Does anyone have information on the Rocky Mountain Conference on 
> CoHousing next month?  I know the time and place but I'm looking for an 
> agenda.  

       Hi, We are looking for someone who has the time <and attended>, to 
           summarize the Olympia conference. I am also interested in the
           addresses of the Co-housing communities in the Seattle area.

           If you have the time and place of the RM Conference on CoH, 
           I don't think it has been posted here yet, so you might 
           post it along with any addresses, registration info, etc, that 
           might go along with it. 
           One more thing, if there is a source that you found the 
           Seattle CoH communities addresses, I would be interested
           in that kind of info. 
           This must be just great for you, you join a list looking 
           for info and find that the list wants info from you. 
           At least I do,                 thanks,  trey [at]


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