Re: Traffic volume on COHOUSING-L
From: John Ladwig (
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 93 17:04 CDT
>>>>> "fho" == Fred H Olson <-- WB0YQM <FRED%JWH [at]>> writes:
    fho> A recent article mentioned not wanting to get the high volume
    fho> of mail from a listserv.  I can well understand this
    fho> sentiment having been deluged when I recently subscribed to
    fho> COMMUNET -- The Community and Civic Network Discussion List.
    fho> COHOUSING-L has not had that problem but out of curiosity I
    fho> decided to see what the level of traffic on this net has
    fho> been.  We average somewhere around 30 messages per MONTH
    fho> (~1/day) with one month (July) approaching 2 per day and some
    fho> months considerably less.  Our traffic has definitely come in
    fho> spurts - a week or two may go by with few if any messages and
    fho> then over a few days we can have a rahs of messages and
    fho> replys (typically 10-20 per spurt ??).

For those who want to reduce the number of messages on busy days,
there's always the digest option on the listserv software, which is
(please correct me if I'm wrong, Fred) user-settable.

Send a message to listserv [at] with the following line in the
*body* of the message:

set cohousing-l mail digest

Syntax: set <list> [<option> <value>]
        Without the optional arguments, get a list of all current settings for
        the specified list. Otherwise change the option to the new value for
        that list, as follows:

        option can be: mail
        value can be: ack, noack, postpone, digest

        'set <list>': get the current option settings for the list
        'set <list> mail ack': your message is sent back to you
        'set <list> mail noack': your message is not sent back to you
        'set <list> mail postpone': no messages will be sent to you until you
                change mode again
        'set <list> mail digest': your message is not sent back to you.
                New messages are not sent to you as they arrive, but are
                accumulated into digests that are periodically sent to you.

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