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Good morning!

I am an architecture major at Wellesley College, and am trying to write a 
paper about CoHousing for a seminar.  While I have *the Book* about CoHousing 
and all the wonderful stuff that's been done in Europe, most of it seems like 

What I would like is to hear from those of you who are either living in a 
CoHousing situation, or are currently setting up such a group (anywhere in the 
US, Canada or Mexico is fine) or those of you who are comtemplating it, but 
haven't laid your money down yet.

What I am looking for is:

* Architectural styles: what are you trying to build?
        --Materials you have chosen
        --Type of site you have selected
        --any problems you may have encountered with 
                Architects vis a vis design, deadlines, etc.
        --any problems you may have encountered with zoning

* How have you chosen the Architect?
        --Selection criteria
* Group compatibility
        --How many members do you have or propose to have?
        --What are the age ranges?
        --Have steps been taken to insure that children and 
                elderly will be comfortable in this environment?
        --What are the professions of group members?
* (If you are currently living in CoHousing) Has the commitment 
        to the group altered your lifestyle beyond your expectations?

* (If you are involved in setting up a group) At what stage are you, and 
        are things moving as you expected?

* (If you are contemplating joining a group) What interests you about 
        CoHousing?  What do you see that holds advantages for you?
        What do you perceive as disadvantages?

* If you have any other thoughts about CoHousing, or know of anyone or group I 
should contact, electronically or in person.


All replies will be confidential;  I will keep any correspondence off-line. My 
time-frame is to have this research completed by November 21st. and the paper 
finished by Dec.9.

I appreciate any feedback you are able to give me.  

I personally would like to see CoHousing boosted.  One way to do it is to 
introduce it to the Academics. =-)

If everyone is agreeable, I would be willing to send my results to this list.

Thanks for your help!

 -- Alice LaPierre

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