[no subject]
From: Till Houtermans (tillhoutocf.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 93 11:28 CST
        Hello.  My name is Till and I have just subscribed to the cohousing
news letter.  I am a student at the University of California at Berkeley.  I am
currently doing an ethnography of a cohousing group in Berkeley that is in the
process of establishing a community.  I am interested to hear what stage other
people are in.  Are there members in the news group who are currently in a
community? Are there people who are in a working group?
        My primary interest in cohousing right now is to learn more about how a
community gets formed.  I am particularly interested in the social aspects 
rather than the technical aspects such as getting loans, finding a developer, 
and choosing consultants.  The problem I am working on is, how do individual
concerns and group concerns balance in the process of forming a community.
For example, if some people want to have pets in the community and others do not
how does this conflict get resolved.  If you have any suggestions or examples of
other types of conflicts and how they get resolved I would like to hear from 
you.  Thank you

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