Re: divvy up commons cost
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 93 18:27 CST
>Nancy Wight asked me about ideas on sharing the commons cost - We initially
>said we would share acquisition cost (including development costs)
>proportionally to size (sq feet) of units - i.e. if I have 1200 sq feet and the
>total residential sq feet is 24000,then I have 1200/24000=5% if costs of common
>space.  And then the plan was to divide up operating costs on the basis of #
>adults in the family.  
>Don't know if this will stay the same - these were initial ideas.
We agonised over this, and finaly came up with a sliding scale for
the share of building common property, larger residences pay more but
not in direct proportion to the house size.  A smilar scale will be
used for capital maintenance.
On running costs we expect to pay an amount per person.
John Willson
Cascade Co-Housing, Hobart, Australia

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