who is here?
From: Till Houtermans (tillhoutocf.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 93 18:30 CST
        I would find it very useful if everyone could write a little about how
they are involved in cohousing.  Are you in an already established cohousing
community, are you in the process of planning one, and/or how did you hear 
about it? Why are you interested in it?
        I am working with a group in Berkeley. Although I am very interested
in living in a cohousing community some day, right now I am doing an ethnography
on a cohousing group.  When I was a child I lived in a community similar to 
cohousing in Switzerland.  However, the community was probabley too large to be
thought of as a cohousing community in the strict sence; it had over 120 units.
If you could write about your interests in cohousing and how you are involved 
that would be useful for getting a cohousing computer community together.

Thank you,  Till   tillhout [at] ocf.berkeley.edu

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