A cohousing consultant and workshop
From: Jim Ratliff (jratliffbpavms.bpa.arizona.edu)
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 93 21:47 CST
Our Tucson cohousing group had been considering having the Cohousing
Company come out to do one of their weekend seminars, but we were a little
put off by the expense. (It was going to cost more than $3000 I believe.)

One of our members somehow located another cohousing consultant--not
affiliated with the Cohousing Company--who has an impressive resume (he was
a founder of the Winslow group) and offers seminars as well as a wide
variety of other short- and long-term consulting services. 

He seems to be much cheaper. We have decided to pursue having him come to
put on a workshop to help us move forward in the development process.

This has not occurred yet, and I've had no direct contact with him. So I'm
not making an endorsement and I don't intend this post as an advertisement
in any way. (I am definitely not financially connected with him in any

I am only mentioning this so that other groups who might feel stuck in
their development process will have the option of checking him out as one

This consultant is:

Chris Hanson
1755 Haultain Street
Victoria, British Columbia
V8R 2L1

If you have further questions, please contact him rather than me. (If we do
invite him down, I will share our group's reaction and evaluation.)


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