Re: A cohousing consultant and workshop
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 93 12:00 CST
  The New Cohousing Group in Seattle Washington has used  Chris Hanson for a
  "Land Search and Purchase" workshop.

  We had met Chris before at a couple tours of the Winslow project.

  We have committed to a limited-equity cooperative model to assure long-term
  affordability, and we were concerned that Chris did not have experience with

  However, we were pleasantly surprised with his attention to affordability
  issues, withing the context of the workshop. Since he had done land search,
  not without controversy, for the Winslow group, he had a natural bias towards 
  Bainbridge Island (where the Winslow project was located).

I see that Winslow currently has a vacancy, which is for sale for $174,000!

I can't see where the attention to affordability went!


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