RE: An alternative to the cohousing development ordeal
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 93 12:11 CST
I think having a traditional developer is not going to work well.  I doubt that
the results will have much of the look & feel of Cohousing.

It's important for (the core) community to go through the growth process
together, learning how to resolve issues, and make compromises without going

On the other hand, finding a couple dozen like minded families interested in
cohousing is a very difficult task in some areas.  It's hard to find these
people in reasonable time frame.

In my opinion, it's much more feasible to start out with 6-12 families, and
plan for growth.  This way, newcomers are welcome, and a lengthy - getting to
know - process with one newcomer at a time helps keep the continuity.

Some people still seem to be thinking of cohousing as a transient/temporary
lifestyle; speaking of the 'inevitable' scenario where all the core group have
left....  This misses the point that co-housing is supposed to be a more or
less permanent lifestyle/ place to live.  It takes time to develop the
community spirit.


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