Re: Quorum definition?
From: Gary Campbell (
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 93 21:58 CST

>The Tucson cohousing group is in an early stage of its life. We don't even
>have bylaws yet.
>We've been wondering how we should define a quorum for the purpose of
>decision making.
>Should it be just whoever shows up to the meeting? A specified percentage
>of "active" members?
>Any ideas?

I'm sure you will recieve a lot advice on this question.

The co-op housing movement in Canada in it's 20 years of experience has
dealt with this question often.  They have come up with some suggestions.
You may find some helpful publications at the:

        Co-op Housing Bookstore
        22 Mowat Avenue, Suite 100
        Toronto, Ontario
        M6K 3E8
        416-538-7523 (fax)

They have grouped their publications as follows:
        1:  Books for Boards and committees
        2.  Co-ops & Community
        3.  Member Education Series
        4.  Books and forms for staff
        5.  Legal Publications (Ontario)
        6.  Property management
        7.  Other Resources  (Community)
        8.  Legal References
        9.  Plain Language Resources Materials
        10. Co-ops souvenirs
        11. Construction Videos

Specific tittles you might be interested in:
        Better Meetings
        Welty's Book of Procedures
        Speaking Up at Meetings

Should you follow up on this, Please ask them why you can't get to them over
the internet aand tell them they were recommended by a co-operrator in
Canada thru the internet.  The closest node for them would be Web the ICC
APC partner.

thanks Gary

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