Re: Quorum definition?
From: James Rubarth-Lay (
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 93 12:19 CST
>The Tucson cohousing group is in an early stage of its life. We don't even
>have bylaws yet.
>We've been wondering how we should define a quorum for the purpose of
>decision making.
>Should it be just whoever shows up to the meeting? A specified percentage
>of "active" members?
>Any ideas?

As a long-time member of non-profit organizations and browser of by-laws, I
believe a quorum should be clearly and objectively spelled out in the
by-laws of an organization. The quorum should be rigourously adhered to. It
reduces liability to have a clear definition and to follow it. My co-op has
been taken to court for lesser violations.

My feeling is that the quorum should be a fixed percentage of voting
members, using whatever definition your by-laws specify for membership
(dues-paying, owners, residents, etc.). If you let "whoever shows up"
constitute a quorum it leaves you open for a putsch when a troika shows up
and decides to rewrite everything. You can use different percentages for
quorum depending upon whether the meeting is a board meeting or general

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