Re: Quorum definition?
From: Jim Ratliff (
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 93 13:25 CST
On  1:03 PM 11/15/93 -0600, James Rubarth-Lay wrote:
>My feeling is that the quorum should be a fixed percentage of voting
>members, using whatever definition your by-laws specify for membership
>(dues-paying, owners, residents, etc.).

I wonder whether there's any good way to categorize decisions by their
seriousness and adjust the definition of a quorum accordingly.

E.g. a minor decision which needs to be made, yet exactly which way it is
made is relatively unimportant, should be able to be made even at a meeting
with low attendance. On the other hand, a very important decision should be
postponed if meeting attendance is low.

Tucson Cohousing
jratliff [at]

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