Re: Quorum definition?
From: Robert Hartman (
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 93 13:41 CST
> From: Nancy Wight <wight [at]>
> Subject: Re:  Quorum definition?
> As Jim Salem stated, we use a simple majority of households for a quorum.
> However, we are fairly adamant that people who aren't at a meeting do not
> have the right to block consensus (this could hold us up even LONGER than
> it already takes).
> ... we try to make sure that we don't try to consense on a 
> proposal if we know there is someone opposing it who is not there (which,
> admittedly, is not always easy). 
> - Nancy
> New View, Acton

I can live with a written policy of "snooze you lose," and a strong
tradition of scheduling meetings to accommodate all concerned parties.
It goes against the consensus process to schedule meetings when
concerned people can't make them.  If I knew of such a meeting, I'd go
specifically to block consensus until I knew people with strong
concerns could attend.  I'd expect no less of at least one of my peers.


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