Re: developers/costs/motivation
From: Thomas Andrew Newman (newmantCSOS.ORST.EDU)
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 93 15:58 CST

Does anyone know if CoHousing magazine publishes electronically (on the
Internet or one of the commercial onlin services, or on a gopher or an ftp
>available from : 
>The Cohousing Network, 
>Rocky Mountain CoHousing Association
>1705 14th Street #317
>Boulder, CO 80302,                      $20 for a one year subscription,
>including, in 
>some areas, an insert with more details for a region
>It really is good.
Tom Newman
Internet: newmant [at]
Compuserve: 73057,475
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Inside a dog, it's too dark to type.

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