Replying to list digest's
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 93 07:56 CST
An artifact of digest mode which I'd guess 10-20 of the 132 list subscribers
have invoked is that when you simply "reply" to an article in a digest
the Subject: line becomes RE: COHOUSING-L digest #nn .   Tho the subject
lines in general are not as useful as they could be particularly after
a few replys, RE ... digest is even less useful.   If it isn't too much
more difficult when you reply to a message, please consider "send" ing
your message and assigning an appropriate subject - possibly the
"RE: <<original message subject>> depending if that is indeed relevant.
In general I'd urge posters to spend a few careful moments assigning the
subject line, potentially it can help search the archives greatly.

By the way the recent flurry of messages has been encouraging.  It
indicates that this list may indeed be a useful endeavor for people.
We've been talking locally about editing some of the messages down
(way down?) for publishing in our local newsletter.  Or even for an
article in the National Newsletter...  BTW if the national newsletter
should become a significant topic here I propose that we nickname it
COHOUSING-P  (P for paper) to avoid confusion.

I regret that I have not been responding to some of the articles here
of late but the volume and associated list maintenance duties have
(as well as all the other balls I'm trying to juggle) have not
allowed me the time.  Maybe if/when activity slacks off I (and
others here) can review the recent flurry of messages and compose
some responses.  In any case it's been fun so keep those messages

Fred Olson  fholson [at]  sysop of COHOUSING-L

P.S.  Of late I have putting "sysop of COHOUSING-L" in my signature
of outgoing email and Usenet posting that I make.  Several people
have found us as a result.  Anyone who would like to do something
comparable (COHOUSING-L participant or COHOUSING-L supporter etc)
is encouraged to do so.  If you get inquiries about the list just
forward them to me and I'll fire off my little canned info message.

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