RE: Replying to list digest's
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 93 08:47 CST
  From: SMTP%"cohousing-l [at]" 17-NOV-1993 09:22:12.00 By the way the
  recent flurry of messages has been encouraging.  It indicates that this list
  may indeed be a useful endeavor for people. We've been talking locally about
  editing some of the messages down (way down?) for publishing in our local
  newsletter.  Or even for an article in the National Newsletter...  BTW if the
  national newsletter should become a significant topic here I propose that we
  nickname it COHOUSING-P  (P for paper) to avoid confusion.

Has anyone ever thought about writing an article about cohousing-l, and
submitting it to the national and regional co-housing newsletter?  I'd bet that
that would generate a lot of interest...

Jim.  What me?  No Time...

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