From: Judy (BAXTER%55317VX.CIS.UMN.EDU)
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 93 12:09 CST
With this recent flurry of activity and replies, i'd like to remind/encourage
people to CONSIDER CAREFULLY the subject before using reply to post, rather
than sending a new message w/ a new subject.  

For instance, if you reply to "who is here" a helpful header is something like
"intro to Jocelyn Doe", instead of "who is here".  Then I can find your intro
when I want to.  If you respond to part of it, think of a topic. 

I suppose if you have to type a long address to get to the list, it's a pain
(on my system I can define an alias or logical) , but maybe consider it.  With
this much traffic, I want to select things to take home to the troops, and that
would help a lot.
Thanks.                 Judy

Judy Baxter, Monterey Cohousing Community, Twin Cities Area, Mpls/St.Paul MN
        (Mococo)                baxter%epivax [at]
Twin Cities CoHousing Network Voice Mail  612-930-7580
 Voice Mail for Monterey Cohousing - 612-930-7554

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