RE: Replying to list digest's
From: Anna Yamada (
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 93 15:28 CST
        Does anyone know of any intentional community that welcomes a
disabled gardner with a cat, who walks with a cane (have spondylyosis and
manic-depression) who would like to be near a university that has a decent
botany dept. so she can take a B.S. in Botany maybe.
        Her sole source of income is minimal SSI payment, which varies
from state to state.

        Go to Baptist Bible Study on occasion, not dogmatic, has studied
at insight meditation society for a week sitting and slow-walking meditation,
likes dogs a lot, can type and has computer with modem. 
        She has had some success growing roses from seed.  Likes to take
hot showers in winter, smokes cigarettes, does not drink or do alcohol or
other drugs other than what have been subscribed for her psych
condition--which is pretty stable.

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