Renters in cohousing
From: Lynne Farnum (
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 93 16:25 CST
I just joined this mailing list, and I'm glad to see lots of
messages flowing! I have been disappointed that there was little
active discussion of cohousing on alt.housing.nontrad.

I know that the Nyland community (Lafayette, Colorado) has
about 15 renters.  As I understand it, no units were built to be
designated for renters, but many of the townhouses contain a
ground-level suite that can be rented out while the owner lives
in the upper floors.  This arrangement has the advantage of 
bringing people into the community who can't afford to buy a
home, without forcing the investing members to pay for separate
rental units.

If there's anyone listening from Nyland, perhaps they could say
something about how renters participate in the consensus decision
making process?

Lynne Farnum/Somerville, Massachusetts/Cohousing hopeful

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