Re: An alternative to the cohousing development ordeal
From: Anna Yamada (
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 93 07:54 CST
        The only problem with that is that developers work for profit and
        charge according to schedule and are rather unflexible once the
        last plan is submitted and work has started.

        Any group or individual can register oneself as an interior
        decorator, get a wholesalers  buyer tax stamp, deal directly
        with the suppliers, do most of the work oneself, rent the
        equipment for heavy work and contract directly with the
        operator of the heavy machinery for cheaper viz directly,
        and get a group ethos and feeling of responsability for the
        project going that probably would make for a better-built
        and designed thing.

        It's always handy to have an architect, a lawyer, and an
        electrician & carpenter as part of one's co-housing crew.


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