From: Judy (BAXTER%55317VX.CIS.UMN.EDU)
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 93 09:38 CST
For those of you who were kind enough to respond to my survey of knowledge of
potential members of CoHousing community, I want to make a brief, interim
report.  I didn't get a lot of responses, which in itself suggests that there
aren't a lot of people known to this net who are serious potential members. 
Several people said they knew "noone"; a few knew some and gave a price range.
More later - going through the recent flood of messages will take me a while.
Time is something I don't have much of these days.

Which reminds me - speaking of costs - Steve wrote of EcoVillage in Ithaca 
<The FRG is like an onion.  At its core are 10 or so households who have
<signed a Joint Venture agreement, plunking down $2k and pledging $6k
<more.  Next layer out are "FRG members" who are paying annual dues of
<$100 or so and have made a commitment to attend meetings and help out

Someone else commented (I can't find it) that that sounded reasonable, compared
to some other numbers quoted.  I assume that the $8000 is toward a
down-payment?  Our initial downpayments (for phase 1, condo's in the existing
building) ranged from $1300 to $15000 with an equity-sharing sort of
arrangement. What do you expect Eco-Village unit costs to be?

And - re unsubscribing, as I understand it, those messages go to 
listserv [at]


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