Anarres/fictional CoH
From: Judy (
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 93 11:41 CST
I was reading this mail the other day, and noticed Steve Gaarder's address- It
includes anarres, which is the name of he "moon" in Ursula Le Guin's wonderful
novel, The Disposessed. From my point of view, a lot of what is wonderful is
how realistic/non-idealized it is.  It is an anarchist community, but 
there are a lot of power differences, despite the rhetoric and the structure. 
I think it has lessons for all of us.  And is still very appealing to me.
        They have an ethic of not owning stuff, and yes, they all eat common
dinners.  Only common dinners, though - no one has a private residence as we
would think of it (as I read it).A lot of what she describes is also the
tyranny of the group.  And the story of the guy who takes seriously the group
norm to question things and be revolutionary.
        Highly recommended.


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