Windward Foundation Desires Medieval Books Etc.
From: Anna Yamada (
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 93 12:53 CST
        The Windward Foundation
        55 Windward Lane
        Klickitat, WA  98628

Is a self-sufficiency intentional community that holds a medieval arts
festival in June and is trying to revive some of the old arts & crafts from
Medieval Times.  They have some connection with the Society for the
Study of Creative Anachronisms.

        They would greatly appreciate it if anyone has any spare books on Me
Medieval Arts, Music, Needlecraft, History, Music, Crafts, Cooking,
Religion, Literature, etc, would send them their spare books.  The  books
will be put to good use helping disabled and distressed women with
children to re-establish a life of self-sufficiency within a community

        IF you know of any good sources for such books, or would like to
subscribe to their newsletter--a warm and fuzzy account of life on the Shire
complete with thoughtful and humorous essays on goats, dogs, sheep,
gardening, communal living, politics, Medieval times, and life at Windward,
then, please write to Windward at the above address.
        Walt or Joyce handle books.  Inquiries about joining Windward are read
by all and should be adressed to Walt.  They don't have internet access
over there, and phone time is scarce.

        Tell them Anna Yamada referred you. I think the subscription is
$15 per year.  They are listed in the I-Guide, and are a SIG of Mensa.

  • Anarres/fictional CoH Judy, November 24 1993
    • Windward Foundation Desires Medieval Books Etc. Anna Yamada, November 24 1993

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