religious/spiritual obj in common space
From: Judy (BAXTER%55317VX.CIS.UMN.EDU)
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 93 09:02 CST
Nancy writes-
<The obvious manifestation of this would be perhaps having a community
Christmas tree, decorations, etc. in or around the common house.
On one side of this argument are those saying that if people want
to display objects of religious significance, they can do so on their
own property but not in any common space.  On the other side are those
saying why not have objects of any religion be displayed anywhere,
especially for significant holidays.>
At Monterey CoHousing Community, phase 1, (8 households of a planned 26 now),
we haven't even considered taking time for discussion of such a general policy,
but a proposal to put a Xmas tree and decorations in the common living room was
approved by the group.  So far, I think it will be on a case by case basis -
but my guess is that many possibilities would be ok on a temporary basis - not
sure about permanent.

I will try , in the (hopefully) slower time here at work during holidays, to
summarize the results of my survey.


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