Re: A question for the holidays
From: Robert Hartman (
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 93 12:09 CST
One of the nifty things about being in an eclectic community is that
you get to celebrate everyone's holidays in some way or other.

I think that the policy on commemorative displays should be consistent
and voluntary.  A common area should be designated for such displays.
This should _not_ be in a room or area in which community business
normally takes place, or in a place that would be unavoidable by
members who would prefer not to be confronted.  Any member or group
within the community should be free to put up a display, but community
funds should never be used.  If there are scheduling conflicts about
the use of the space, it should be between the different parties to
work out an arrangement amongst themselves.

In other words, there should be no "community creche."  However, if a
group of members wants to buy one and put it up in the rose garden, why


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