Re: A question for the holidays
From: John Flanigan (johnfuhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu)
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 93 01:36 CST
I'm sure I'd rather live in a neighborhood where *traditional* religious
symbols were displayed temporarily in observation of *traditional*
holidays.  But it could get sticky if renegades started displaying
objectional objects.  How would they be controlled?  One would hope that
residents themselves would exert public pressure and that others would
respect it.  But...(as we say in Hawai'i).

On Wed, 15 Dec 1993, Nancy Wight wrote:

> Here's a timely question our group has been unoficially grappling with for
> a few years now:  Should we have any policy about individuals placing
> religious/spiritual objects in the common areas of the community?
> The obvious manifestation of this would be perhaps having a community
> Christmas tree, decorations, etc. in or around the common house.
> On one side of this argument are those saying that if people want
> to display objects of religious significance, they can do so on their
> own property but not in any common space.  On the other side are those
> saying why not have objects of any religion be displayed anywhere,
> especially for significant holidays.  
> Has anyone out there run into any creative (or even not so creative)
> solutions to this dilemma?
> - Nancy Wight
> New View Neigborhood Dev., Acton, MA

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