Re: A question for the holidays
From: Nancy Wight (
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 93 09:57 CST
Thanks for all of your ideas on this.  

> One of the nifty things about being in an eclectic community is that
> you get to celebrate everyone's holidays in some way or other.
> I think that the policy on commemorative displays should be consistent
> and voluntary.  A common area should be designated for such displays.
> This should _not_ be in a room or area in which community business
> normally takes place, or in a place that would be unavoidable by
> members who would prefer not to be confronted.  Any member or group
> within the community should be free to put up a display, but community
> funds should never be used.  If there are scheduling conflicts about
> the use of the space, it should be between the different parties to
> work out an arrangement amongst themselves.
> In other words, there should be no "community creche."  However, if a
> group of members wants to buy one and put it up in the rose garden, why
> not?
> -r

Sounds like a good solution to me.  However, I think I heard some people
discussing this kind of thing and there was still an objection about
Christmas in particular because it is the "dominant culture" in our
country.  While I agree that this is true, and am equally fed up with
the commercialization, etc. of the holiday, I think it is unfair to
single it out to be banned, or to ban all displays because of it.

- Nancy


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