Re: Consulting fee assessments
From: Robert Hartman (
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 94 14:05:58 PST
What is the consulting for?  Financial, architectural, or organizational issues?
How long do you anticipate deriving benefit from the services to be provided?

If it's financial, then ideally the consulting fee should be paid for
out of cost savings or increased earnings.  If it's architectural, then
the cost could be spread over the life of the affected structures.  If
its organizational, then I don't see how future members could be
expected to pay for help that the current members found necessary to
resolve a crisis.  But if it's help with fundamental documents such as
by-laws or covenants, those costs could be spread across the life of a

If members have to put up extra money now to cover those expenses, this
up-front money could be credited to their equity share or applied to
reducing their monthly membership fee on a pro-rated basis.


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