Re: Error Condition Re: assessing fees
From: Fred H. Olson WB0YQM (
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 94 05:04:12 CST
On Tue, 4 Jan 94 16:37 CST, cohousing-l [at] wrote:
>re: assessing fees for consultants -
>Rob wrote:
><   All the groups in our area construe membership to be a household.
>I certainly agree with Rob that without faith and a commitment to making it
>happen, it won't.
>Judy Baxter, Monterey Cohousing Community, Twin Cities Area, Mpls/St.Paul MN
>       (Mococo)                baxter [at]
>Twin Cities CoHousing Network Voice Mail  612-930-7580
> Voice Mail for Monterey Cohousing - 612-930-7554

Judy, This message failed to get distributed :

"Rejected message: 
 sent to cohousing-l [at] by VX.CIS.UMN.EDU!BAXTER%EPIHUB follows.
 Reason for rejection: sender not subscribed."

You (or epi...) seem to have a knack for sending "not subed" email to the 
list. The way the list recognizes the return address is a mysterious 
process itself.  

I'll send it out again after the list server comes back to life....
And ad ... epihub to the aliases list.

The listserver's being down is related to getting a new operating system
at the  Also I was in Wisc Tues-Fri (1/7) trying to track down
a particularly nasty software bug that had been eluding me for a 
long time. [I finally found it but only toward the end of the alloted
time there.]  Also I have a cold that has been unpleasant.

Regarding your Re: assessing fees message.
You mention early member's contributions of time and as I recall
MOCOCO recommended an accounting system for them also "work chits"
or something.  If my memory is correct, could you write something about 
this also.  I'm thinking this discussion might make a good one for 
putting in the newsletter based on it's relevance to people in 
various stages on organizing.

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