News / notes about the COHOUSING-L mailing list
From: Fred H. Olson WB0YQM (
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 94 00:42:16 CST
News / notes about the COHOUSING-L mailing list

We have around 160 to 170 subscribers now.  New subs come in sporadically.
I dont know where people hear about the list now, I suspect awareness and
mention of us has dispersed fairly broadly tho sparsely across the
net and beyond by now.  I think the volume of the discussion has been
about right for a while now.  The big fear is a torrent of messages and
indeed some folks unsub because of info overload at present.


Please do quote in moderation or otherwise refer to messages when you add
comments but try to avoid quoting previous messages excessively.  Netters
have to wade thru plenty of verbosity as is...


Archives of COHOUSING-L are now available going back to the
start of the list in Dec 1992.

See the seperate message "Helpful COHOUSING-L commands" for the commands.
Archives seem to be retrieved on a month at a time basis. Some are broken
into several "parts" but requesting a months messages gets all parts with
each part in one long email message.


Please tuck a copy of the "Helpful COHOUSING-L commands" message away
somewhere for future reference.  You may decide to unsub some time and
need it :)   Also keep watching those addresses so as not to send the
wrong thing out over the list.  [Which I did twice this month he says
with egg on his face :) ]

BTW I obviously prefer commands sent to the listserver over requests
sent to me to "please (un)subscribe me" but if you can't get the commands 
to work or find the "Helpful" note that you tucked away, then feel free
to send me a note.


With 170 subscribers problems develop with some addresses from
time to time.  For example, some one may graduate and lose their access,
forget to unsub and the address/account is finally closed.  List
messages then start bouncing.  My usual response is to simply take
such addresses off the list.  (I've pretty much stopped sending a
seperate "what's up?" inquiry because it usually bounces too...
But sometimes the problem is temporary.  But I don't always guess
right on temporary versu permanent problems.

SOOOOO..  If you stop getting mail from the list for a week or more say,
particularly after there's been a problem at your site.  Feel free to
send me a note or better yet send a simple SET COHOUSING-L command
to check your sub (See the message "Helpful COHOUSING-L commands" )
This assumes you want to get stuff from the list :)


Tho I get behind a bit on occassion in responding to inquiries,
error messages, etc I'm still enjoying running the list and expect
to be able to do sysop duty for the forseeable future.  For future
reference tho if anyone has interest in the sysop task or access
to an alternate / back up listserver, drop me a note.

Fred H. Olson   fholson [at]   WB0YQM  Sysop of COHOUSING-L mailing list
1221 Russell Av N     Minneapolis, MN 55411   612) 588-9532
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