Helpful COHOUSING-L commands
From: Fred H. Olson WB0YQM (
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 94 00:46:44 CST
Helpful COHOUSING-L list commands

Everyone, PLEASE,  make sure you have recorded
            these addresses somewhere and use as indicated :
Send list related COMMANDS (see below) to: .. listserv [at]
Post messages ABOUT COHOUSING ONLY to: ...... cohousing-l [at]
Send for help etc. from sysop to: ........... fholson [at]
Send list commands as first line of body of message to listserv [at]
Commonly used commands for COHOUSING-L are (some details below):
SUBSCRIBE COHOUSING-L <your real name>
SET COHOUSING-L MAIL POSTPONE     \  Note: Each sub is in one these of 4
SET COHOUSING-L MAIL NOACK        /        MAIL modes at any time.
SET COHOUSING-L MAIL ACK        /          To undo one, use another.
SET COHOUSING-L                    (no parmameter, sends back current status)
GET COHOUSING-L   <filename>
SEARCH COHOUSING-L <some_string_or_expression>
SUBSCRIBE COHOUSING-L <your real name>
UNSUBSCRIBE COHOUSING-L   Note that no name or argument is allowed!
   (all list messages for the day in one message) When users set their
   mail mode to "digest", they will receive postings from the list only
   once a day, bundled as one message.  This is great for people who are
   annoyed by a lot of messages or who only check there mail once a day.
   (Includes 'noack' mode i.e. your message is not sent back to you)
SET COHOUSING-L MAIL ACK   Messages you send to the list WILL be sent to you.
SET COHOUSING-L MAIL NOACK Messages you send to the list WONT be sent to you.
   (hold messages) If you are going to be gone for a period of time and don't
   want to have your mailbox filling up with list messages, this feature
   will temporarily suspend mailings to you *until you change MAIL mode again*

SET COHOUSING-L                    (no parmameter, sends back current status)
   This is useful just to check if the address the listserver has for you
   "works".  If everything is ok; you get simply a message informing you what
   the current settings of your subscription are.
   However if there is a problem, you will get a message that starts:
   <address from your msg>: You are not subscribed to cohousing-l [at]
   Only subscribers to COHOUSING-L can post or issue commands to the list.
INDEX COHOUSING-L       Gets list of archive files available.

GET COHOUSING-L   <filename>  Returns file as on email message (up to about 64K)

SEARCH COHOUSING-L <some_string_or_expression>  Get file references to a string.

HELP get information about list server commands
** Please try to avoid sending commands to the wrong address.
Successful commands are acknowledged with a return messages.  Lack of an
acknowledgement may mean you sent the command to the wrong address.

Fred sysop of COHOUSING-L   fholson [at]
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