From: Fred H. Olson WB0YQM (
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 94 11:59:18 CST
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Andre Guirard points out that utility rates can go as low as
6.8 per kwh etc. which is lower than these newer cheaper
solar panels can pro-rate to.
Surely that is underplaying the significance of the new product.
For example, in many rural areas it can cost thousands of
dollars to bring a homesite onto the untility grid, with the
cost of setting up the power lines, poles, and so forth.
And there are other factors.
Certainly if technology can produce equipment which will
allow one to live almost as comfortably in the country,
with all the appliances, etc. as in the city, and with
little or no pollution, it will be a significant step
toward solving many social and economic problems.
Mike Romano

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