RE: occupancy agreements/proprietary leases
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 94 14:26:47 PST
Subject: occupancy agreements/proprietary leases

We are in the process of drawing up a legal agreement for the sale of 
investment shares or some other such legal fiction, for the second 
phase of our development. I would be happy to share that with you once 
its done, but knowing our group, and the other things on our agenda 
(finalizing the plans for our commonhouse), I don't expect us to get it 
together until April or so. We have a survey freshly drawn up for the 
membership (22 adults) to give feed back for our legal agreement. The 
survey covers issues such as cost, refunds, right of first refusal, 
assessments, voting rights etc. Would you like this?  We have found 
such surveys to be a very efficient means of collecting ideas and 
opinions. I could condense the spaces and easily email it to you.

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