RE: request for copy of survey
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 94 07:39:31 PST
Here are the membership contract issues we are working on for the 
development of our second phase. Typically what we do with multiple 
facet, multiple question issues is do a written survey, collate the 
opinions, pick from all the alternatives what seems to be the best 
course. We found using surveys we considerably reduce the amount of 
meeting time needed to come to decisions.

Phase II Membership issues survey

Keep the current price of $35,000 for all units
Charge more ____________
Charge less______________
Keep the price of $35,000 for first few to attract members, charge more 
for later members
   Downpayment on contract:
No limit, determined by contract holder and board
5 %
   Buying back membership contracts:
No refunds on downpayments or membership fees. Have to sell their 
membership to someone else.
Full refund of downpayments or membership fees.  Sharingwood buys back 
their membership.
Partial refund. Sharingwood buys back their membership but keeps X.
Full refund for first 60 days, full refund -$1,000 between 60-120, no 
refund after 120 days but can sell.
   Right of first refusal:
Sharingwood has right to buy back membership at cost.
Sharingwood has right to buy back membership at holders asking price 
(holder profits).
 Sharingwood has no right of first refusal
   Phase II development costs:
Paid by phase II members
Paid by entire membership
   Who should determine how phaseII monies collected are to be spent:
Phase II committee
Current membership including phaseII members
Phase II members only
   Multiple ownership:
No limits to how many memberships can be bought by one owner
One owner can buy one membership
One owner can buy more than one, but not a majority
To own more than one membership has to be approved by board or total membership
   Requirements for phase II membership:
Downpayment only
Same as associate membership (three meetings, read cohousing, 
downpayment, sign principles)
New members have to be approved by the board and it requires such 
things as a clearness process { why are you joining?}
   Phase II member assessments:
No assessments
Regular assessments ($43 month)
Restructure all our assessments with each new member. eg 1/18th, 1/19th etc.
Phase II assessment only
   When do phase II memberships get to vote:
Upon signing contract
Upon payment of downpayment amount
Upon payment of full amount
   Voting rights:
Vote on everything like everyone else
Phase II memberships vote only on phase II matters
Phase II membership votes get special weight on phase II issues. (For 
example some phase II decisions only be made by phase II members)
    Other Phase II membership Issues:

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