Re: How to subscribe
From: Fred H. Olson WB0YQM (
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 94 14:58:56 CST
On Mon, 7 Feb 94 14:42 CST, Deborah Gordon wrote:

>Well, this is rather silly but a friend of mine would like to subscribe 
>to this mailing list and I realized that I no longer remember to whom I 
>sent the subscribe message?  Could you help me out with that?  Thanks!
>Deborah Gordon
>poet [at]
                                  Fred H. Olson    ( WB0YQM )
                                  1221 Russell Av N
                                  Minneapolis, MN 55411
                                  (612) 588-9532
Hello,                            ( or fholson [at]

Thank you for your interest in subscribing to the free electronic
discussion about Cohousing. It is called COHOUSING-L and is distributed
as a "mailing list" via the Internet network.

Automated subscription: Send email message to listserv [at]  with the
following one line command in the message body (no subject):

SUBSCRIBE COHOUSING-L <your real name>

In place of "<your real name>" put your name, please do not put your
email addresse here. In response an informative introduction will be sent.
For example I would send the following line to subscribe:

  • How to subscribe Deborah Gordon, February 7 1994
    • Re: How to subscribe Fred H. Olson WB0YQM, February 7 1994

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