RE: Paying members of group for work
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 1994 9:52:11 -0500 (EST)
RE: IAN_HIG [at]

  But what would I spend my accumulated surplus of credits on?

Well, you could 'pay' other members credits to do whatever for you...  Or you
could save them for whever the next assessment of 'dues' are...  Or you could
'sell' them for real money to another member who was short of them...

The thing is, this market economy does not need to be necessarily unfeeling.
It's up to the group involved on how they proportion the assessments amoung the
people.  And there's no real necessity for everything to balance out all the

I like keeping track of work and tasks.  It helps me feel that everyone is
contributing.  It will also keeps track of what's important or difficult for
different people to do...


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