From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 94 04:50:21 PST
At Sharingwood we buy much of our food in bulk, direct from the 
suppliers.  It works well for us and saves people about 35% off retail. 
 We are able to do community dinners for about $2 a meal. The drawback 
is that someone has to keep track of the orders, divide up the food 
(25lbs of rolled oats divided into 9 orders is pretty time consuming 
stuff) and of course reconcil the payments.
 Another advantage to this other than saving money is the tremendous 
reduction of landfill material by buying in bulk and using recycled and 
everlasting containers instead of all that packaging. For example we 
get 40 boneless chicken breasts, organically grown and frozen in paper 
packaging at $1.85lb.  At the local store, lower quality chicken is 
sold, in styrofoam and plastic wrapped packaging for $2.89lb.  We not 
only save on the cost of the food, we save the environment too!

To get this going a good source is to contact your local food coop and 
find out who there suppliers are.  Fortunately for us in the Puget 
Sound area we have a whole chain of Coops which are supplied by 
Nutra-Source.  When we order more than $300 in food, delivery is free!

The co in cohousing stands for Cooperative!

Rob Sandelin
Puget Sound Cohousing Network

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