food co-op resources on the net
From: Thomas Andrew Newman (newmantCSOS.ORST.EDU)
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 1994 11:36:03 -0800
>What Brett Koller described is commonly called a "food co-op."
>The problems and advantages of these are pretty well known.
>They are a lot better understood than the problems co-housing groups
>face. Is there somewhere on the net that food coop info is archived?


Here's some information on resources on the Institute for Global
Communications system. They're working on a gopher, so a lot of this may be
offered free soon.

newmant [at]


>Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 23:20:21 PDT
>From: Brian Baker <ccof [at]>
>To: newmant [at] CSOS.ORST.EDU
>Subject: Re:  helping a local food co-op get connected
>We are a non-profit trade association of Organic Farmers.
>We offer a number of services to retailers of organic foods.
>If you want help sourcing product or getting information
>on marketing, point of purchase information for consumers
>or other information, I'd suggest that you call us at
>408-423-2263. Peggy Felix is our supporting member coordinator.
>She can give you more information on the services that we
>can provide to food co-ops. 

bulletin boards on IGC relating to agriculture and food:

    Description: A calendar of events related to promoting sustainable
      agriculture -- includes conferences, events, workshops, protests and
      training sessions.
    Sponsor: Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
    Contacts: iatp
    keys: organic, biotechnology, conservation, calendar, dates, announcements
    Description: A newsletter covering the latest news in efforts to create a
      more sustainable agriculture policy on a global basis.
    Sponsor: Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
    Contacts: iatp
    keys: agriculture, organic, biotechnology, conservation

    Description: A repository of documents relevant to sustainable
      agriculture, including analyses, fact sheets, reference lists, reports
      and articles. All particpants are invited to contribute relevant
    Sponsor: Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
    Contacts: iatp
    keys: trade, development, NAFTA, GATT, agriculture

    Description: Private conference for use by Pesticide Action Network North
      America Regional Center to distribute its PANUPS news service.
    Sponsor: Pesticide Action Network North America Regional Center
    Contacts: panna
    keys: organic, agriculture, sustainable, safety
    Description: Library of pesticide-related information. This conference is
      also available as PESTICIDE-INFO database.
    Sponsor: Pesticide Action Network North America
    Contacts: panna
    keys: agriculture

    Description: Updates on documents related to developments of 1995 farm
      bill from organizations and coalitions working on the bill .
    Sponsor: Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
    Contacts: iatp
    keys: farm policy, family farm, farm bill, sustainable, agriculture,
      environment, organic, pesticides

    Description: Discussion of the cooperative movement.
    Sponsor: Assoc for Progressive Communications
    Contacts: web:spider
    keys: cooperatives, co-operatives, canada, web

    Description: To facilitate communities working and learning to build
      'bottom up' green, socially just and sustainable local economic
      development thereby increasing appropriate employment, enterprise,
      training and co-operative opportunities.

    Description: Collection of information on sustainable agriculture, rural
      land degradation, positive solutions, and ideas on transforming rural
      land use which will eventually be part of the FarmNet concept.
    Sponsor: FarmNet

    Description: Discussion and news on current trends in alternative
      agriculture, rural sociology, agroeconomics, and politics of
    keys: agriculture, nutrition, hunger, chemicals

    Description: Forum to promote & inform users about the importance of
      permaculture, a system aiming to live in harmony with the planet,
      creating a sustainable regime, improving and repairing the land.
    Contacts: peg:rfrances
    keys: agriculture, farming

    Description: To solicit electronic particpation in the Fifth International
      Permaculture Conference in Copenhagen August 26th through 29th 1993.
      Permaculture is applied ecology for the purposes of regeneration and
      sustainability. See int.permaculture for more info.
    Sponsor: Permakulturgruppen i DANMARK
    Contacts: ipcvcph@gn
    keys: permaculture, agriculture, development, bioregional, community,
      ecology, technology, sustainability, environment, biology, botony

    Description: A repository for trade related information: fact sheets,
      press releases, statistics, statements or other pertinent documents.
    Sponsor: Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy
    Contacts: iatp
    keys: trade/gatt/nafta

    Description: Exchange of information about the new President's Council on
      Sustainable Development whose goal is to "develop policy recommendations
      for a national strategy for sustainable development...."
    Sponsor: Citizens Network for Sustainable Development
    Contacts: citizensnet
    keys: environment, development, sustainable, consumption, agriculture,
      toxics, equity, grassroots, ecology, pollution, environmental justice

    Description: Open conference for comments and exchange with Common Cause,
      a national citizens' organization.
    Sponsor: Common Cause
    Contacts: nickjohnson
    keys: political, process, campaignin, finance, ethics

 Institute for Global Communications
               18 de Boom Street
               San Francisco, CA 94107
               Tel: +1 (415) 442-0220
               Fax: +1 (415) 546-1794
               e-mail: support [at]


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