Re: Urban cohousing
From: Robert Hartman (
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 94 13:18:50 PST
> From: apguirard [at]
> > ...  I'm wondering if anyone has any experience
> > with taking over existing structures in the city and converting them
> > for cohousing.  ...
> TRG cohousing considered this as an option.  We had some concerns that the
> existing architecture of an apartment building was not amenable to cohousing
> because most are designed in such a way that people can just go directly to
> their units without seeing or speaking to anyone.  Apartment designers
> never intended that people should sit outside their units, for instance,
> and chat with people passing by.  That means that to adapt an apartment
> building to cohousing, unless the corridors were already more spacious
> than in any apartment I have seen, you would probably have to move a lot
> of walls.

That would depend, I think.  I remember back in college days when
each floor of the dorm had a lounge.  All or part of an apartment
facing the elevator or stairs could be converted into an floor
lounge or sitting area.  You could put in a card, pool, or foosball
table, some comfy chairs, and a kitchenette.  Or you could make a
play area for kids.

There is a lot that can be done with an urban structure.  You just
have to be creative about adapting the existing spaces.


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