Re: Urban cohousing
From: John Ladwig (
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 94 00:51:23 CST
>>>>> On Tue, 22 Feb 94 16:30 CST, apguirard [at] said:

    >> What's TRG cohousing and where are you?

    apguirard> TRG is pretty much inactive at this point; we decided
    apguirard> we didn't have enough money, collectively, to do what
    apguirard> we wanted to do.  

It wasn't (for many of us) simply money, but in many cases it was a
combination of time *and* money.  The money required to get a
cohousing project off the ground was looking more and more like
(possibly more than) the money involved in getting a single or small
group project off the ground, and *much* more time.

Some of us have gone on to tilt at other windmills...  One of which
came about as a direct result of a Cohousing meeting/association.
Details on request, although a lot of the local folks (the only ones
affected) know what I'm talking about.


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