RE: Co-housing Resource Guide
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 94 22:24:31 PST
The cohousing resource guide will be available in March of this year.  
It is produced by the Puget Sound Cohousing Network, and compiled and 
edited largely by me.

The Cohousing Resource Guide is a 50+ page collection of experiences, 
advice and learning from several of the cohousing groups in our region 
who have built projects.  It includes information about group process 
and dynamics, finding a site, some begining design issues to think 
about, and a bunch of other info. It also includes references to books, 
tapes and cohousing groups and people. It is designed in a three ring 
binder format to be cheap and easy to annually update as new resources 
and advise gets shared.

To order a copy send $6 (This covers our printing and mailing costs) to
Rob Sandelin
22020 East Lost Lake Rd.
Snohomish, WA  98290

From: Co-housing List Reader  <netmail!cohousing [at]>
To: Rob Sandelin
Subject: Co-housing Resource Guide
Date: Wednesday, February 23, 1994 4:14PM


I am new to the co-housing list and don't know of any cohousing FAQ.

Would you please post to the list details of how to get the Co-Housing
Resource Guide, and who produces it.  I didn't wish to post the question,
since it would no doubt get a bunch of people answering.


Richard Morley

Internet: rmorley [at]

111 South Croxted Road
London SE21 8AX

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