Re: Paying members Baranski
From: tommoench (
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 94 01:08:19 EST

One solution is to let everything be market driven.  By this, I mean, have an
internal economy, paying people 'credits' for tasks.   

This "credit" bidding system sound interesting.  A few questions.

Is this a theoretical suggestion or based on experience?

Regarding the point "If a task is not accomplished satisfactorily then no
credit is given, " who decides "satisfactory?"  

Regarding the point, "Allow members to bid for a task, and then pay an
outside person in real dollars to actually do the task; this way if someone
wants to do the task internally, great, otherwise, someone will have to take
on the responsibility of hiring, and making sure the outside person does the
job correctly; in effect, sub-contracting the task out," how do you protect
the whole group from legal risk if individuals are making contractual
arrangement with outside suppliers.  Only our Board is legally allowed to
enter into contracts with outside agents.  We have had two actual threats of
legal action against us from our outside help and the potential for others
was near by. 

Tom Moench
"TomMoench [at]"
Moji cohousing community
Bainbridge Island, Washington

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