Urban Cohousing
From: bridgeskt (bridgesktvtnet.com)
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 94 21:09:33 CST

To: cohousing-l [at] uci.com

>I'm wondering if anyone has any experience
>with taking over existing structures in the city and converting them
>for cohousing.  My thinking has been along the lines of rehab'ing an
>entire apartment block.  It would already have built in living space.
>No problems with privacy/territoriality because each living unit would
>be separate, but there would still be plenty of common space shared by
>I'm curious if anyone knows of any projects like this.

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       I know the Burlington Vermont cohousing group is looking at just
such an option. The person I talked to is Don Schram of Burlington
Cohousing. It seemed as if they were about to close on purchasing a
small apartment building and doing something very similar to what your
talking about. Give him a call he's been at this for awhile and seems
very excited about it jelling.
                              Ken Bridges
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