How would I get involved?
From: jonathane (jonathanevnet.IBM.COM)
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 94 11:26:05 EST
Hey Folks,

I've been reading the posts here for awhile, and I have some questions that
maybe someone out there can help me with.

A) Are there in cohousing communities in my area? (Raleigh, Durhamn, Chapel-Hil
l, NC)

B) How would someone who is single and can't yet afford to build or buy a
seperate house join such a community? (I have a steady, decent paying job, but
there is no way I could afford to buy in or build a house. I would be willing
to work hard within the community and to pay rent or whatever is necessary.)

I have been researching this for awhile and think this is what I'm looking for.
Can anyone offer some tips or pointers? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



'Art is the process, not the product.'
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