Re: RE- the politics of co-h
From: Nancy Wight (
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 94 14:34 CST
Laura Bagnall wrote:
> I'd be interested in different decision-making tools employed by
> different groups, if people would care to share their
> experiences.  Our group (NWIS) has been in existence since last
> July, and in general consensus has served us very well.  We have
> been making excellent progress, and we may have identified a
> site.  The one decision that has been totally unresponsive to
> this process is deciding on a new name for our group!  The
> original name (Northwest Inner Suburban) was picked by the two
> people who started the group and the intention was to come up
> with a better name long before now.  We have had a number of
> discussions about names, and we always end up coming up with a
> long list of name, and no consensus on what name we should
> choose.  Actually, it reminds me a lot of when I was in college
> and the fraternity that I belonged to (Pi Kappa Alpha, nicknamed
> Pika for short) decided to drop out of the national organization
> (for one thing, we were a co-ed house, and they didn't think
> that that was cool at all).  We spent a week on an elaborate
> elimination voting scheme, and at the end came up with a name
> that nobody liked, and finally just ended up changing the
> capitalization, and going by the name "pika".  I'm a little
> afraid that the same thing is going to happen here, and we'll
> end up stuck with the name "NWIS", which is terrible!  Anybody
> have any clever ideas for alternate decision-making strategies?

We at New View had this same problem.  When we selected the
name, we did so with the provision that once we built a 
community, we would come up with a better name. But every
time someone brings up the "name issue", people groan and
act as if they *really* don't want to deal with it!  

I think choosing a name is one of those "details" that is
almost impossible to come to consensus on.  We used a process
that involved writing all of the names on a board and having
people put marks next to the ones they liked (I don't remember
the exact process).  The ones that got the most marks went into
the next round and the same thing was done again.  We will have
to do this again to pick our *real* name - unless of course
anyone out there has a better system for this kind of thing.

- Nancy

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